Track Train for Sale in Philippines

Track Train for Sale in Philippines

Track train for sale in Philippines, also called kiddie trains, small trains. They are popular used in the shopping malls, supermarket, amusement parks, squares and etc. There are many different models of track train rides for sale in our factory, Christmas track train, Thomas track train, animals track train, elephant track trains and etc. If you need to buy a set of new track train ride for your business. Contact Beston team now!

 Circus Track Train for Sale
BNTT-A Circus Track Train

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Christmas Track Train for Philippines
BNTT-12A Christmas Track Train

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Details of Christmas Track Train for Philippines

Material of Christmas track train: This set of ride on track with train rides are made of FRP, colorful and corrosion resistant. The front of the car is shaped like Santa Claus, measuring 150*90*170CM. The car decoration Christmas style can accommodate 4 children, the size is 140*85*170CM.

Technical parameters of track trains: equipped with high-quality electric preparation, using DC motor, voltage input electric control box 220V, output 24V, running 2-3 times per minute, with adjustable timing (0-10) minutes, with music .

Elephant Track Train for Philippines
BNTT-B Elephant Track Train

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Ocean Themed Track Train for Kids
BNTT-14A Ocean Themed Track Train

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Accessories of Different Types of Track Train from Beston

Electric train tracks are round and B type. The track is galvanized pipe with a diameter of 48mm. After the whole processing, it is sandblasted. The surface is sprayed with DuPont outdoor environmentally friendly polyester powder. It is cured at high temperature, with smooth surface, strong anti-UV ability, bright color, not easy to fall off and corrosion resistant. . The track sleeper is imported huanghuali wood. The surface of the wood is painted with 2 primers and 2 coats of paint. The paints are environmentally friendly and the paints produced by big brands are safe, environmentally friendly, colorless and tasteless.

Kids Cartoon Track Train for Philippines
BNTT-C Kids Cartoon Track Train

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Naughty Kids Track Train for Philippines
BNTT-D Naughty Kids Track Train

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How to Choose Track Train Rides

First of all, you should check the capacity of battery. Which track train has good quality? it is necessary to judge from the bearing capacity of the small train battery of the track. The enterprise cannot separately look at the appearance and surface of the track train when purchasing, but must have an in-depth understanding of the actual load of the battery. Capacity, only the battery with large capacity can ensure the normal operation of the track train and smooth operation, so that the track train has better use of the load.

Second, you should consider the size and after-sales of the manufacturer. When selecting the indispensable track train, enterprises should consider the size of the manufacturer. Only large-scale manufacturers can provide consumers with higher quality products. In addition, enterprises must also ask each other before purchasing. All after-sales guarantees for track trains, such as warranty time and whether the technicians at the station can provide free maintenance services, are only after the after-sales problem.

In addition to these, the motor of the track train and other electrical accessories are also very important, because these have a great impact on its service life, only the qualified motor and other electrical components constitute the track train life. It will last longer and bring more profits to the operators.

Application of Mini Track Train for Philippines

Beston kids track trains can be used for many places, such as schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property communities, squares, playgrounds, children’s palaces, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, resorts, beaches and other indoor and outdoor children’s places for children to play and entertain.

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