Thrill rides for Sale

Thrill ride is a general term for large, scary and exciting amusement equipment which contains many types of rides and all of them are very popular in theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds. Thrilling amusement park rides can give passengers an adrenaline rush, make them scream and release their emotions which is perfect for thrill-lovers and young people who like challenges. Thrill rides are must in amusement parks, but you can choose different kinds of thrill rides according to your own needs.
As a professional manufacturer with more twenty years of production experience, Beston can offer you a variety of thrill rides for sale. There are the most common and popular rides, such as, roller coasters, swing rides, drop tower ride, pendulum rides that can rotate in different degrees, etc… In addition, we have also designed and produced many new kinds of thrill rides for sale, such as, slingshot ride, swing tower ride, human gyroscope ride, energy storm ride and so on. All the rides in Beston will help you attract more tourists and bring more profits. So if you are planning to build a new fairground or purchase some new rides for your amusement parks, please contact us to get more quotation. Beston will be your ideal choice.

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Drop Tower Ride for Sale

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Roller Coaster for Sale

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Slingshot Ride for Sale

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The Reasons Why Thrill Rides are Must in Amusement Parks:

1. The tourists in theme parks are of different ages. Entertainment centers need to install different types of rides to meet the needs of different tourists. So kiddie rides for children, family rides for many people to have fun together, thrill rides are essential amusement equipment.

2. The two largest age groups in fairgrounds are children and young people. Thrill rides are the most popular kind of ride for young people which can give passengers exciting, novel and unforgettable experience. They are the first for tourists to play in theme parks.

3. Thrill rides with different sizes can be customized depends on your requirements, even its stimulus can vary. Small, less exciting thrill rides are also suitable for children which can make kids experience different feelings from kids rides.

4. In the society where people are under all kinds of pressure, they need a certain way to release their pressure. Amusement parks are good places for them to have fun in their free time and thrill rides are the most relaxing devices.

5. Thrill rides can also help people increase their courage to overcome difficulties, so parents are pleasure to encourage their children to take safe amusement rides.
Thrill rides are so versatile and popular which can help make your fairgrounds more attractive. Every amusement park must be equipped with some thrill rides.

The Unforgettable Experience of Thrill Rides

Some of the common features of thrill rides for sale are high attitude, high speed which can cause riders to rise or fall sharply. They can usually swing and rotate, preferably 360 degrees. All these movements can bring passengers an extreme crazy experience with the feeling of weightlessness, overweight. You may scream, fear and feel sickness. But once you experience it, you will remember the feelings for a long time.

Outstanding Advantages of Thrill Rides for Sale in Beston:

1.Various types. 360-degree pendulum ride, Kamikaze ride, roller coasters with different loops, top spin ride and other dozens of thrill rides for sale in Beston give customers different choice.

2.Safety first. We pay more attention to the safety of the amusement rides, for that the large, high rides usually move at a very high speed which give riders a much bigger adventure. We strictly control all the details during the production. Meanwhile, the rides must be inspected carefully and have to go through many trials before they are put into use. We won’t delivery them to customers until they meet the safety standards of the testing department.

3.High quality. High-quality production materials, advanced machines and technology, professional skilled workers and experienced production workers ensure the good quality of our amusement rides. The purchase of high quality rides can guarantee, increase service life and save maintenance costs.

4.Best services. The workers in Beston are always ready to provide you with the best services, both pre-sales service and after-sales service. So if you have ideas of buying amusement rides, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get more details. We are always looking forward to cooperating with you.

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