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Different types of new kiddie rides for sale in Philippines you can buy from Beston Amusement. Kiddie carousel rides, kiddie trackless and track train rides, kiddie bumper cars and many other kiddie rides with attractive apperanaces and cheap prices. Welcome to get price list from Beston Company.

Samba Baloon Carnival Ride for Sale
Samba Baloon Carnival Ride

Kids Mini Amusement Park Ferris Wheel
Mini Amusement Park Ferris Wheel for Children

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Different Types of Kiddie Rides for Sale in Beston:

1.Self Control Rotary Ride, including, self control plane ride, self control bee rides, self control fling elephant is a very popular family ride and kiddie ride in Beston. It is a type of amusement ride that the swing arms rotate around the vertical axis, while the gondolas can be freely lifted and lowered controlled by riders. Because that it allow children to take control the the cabin lifting which can give them more fun.

2.Amusement train Rides for kids. The train rides can simply be divided into two types, one is the trackless train and the other is the track train. Trackless trains are usually used as a means of locomotion in shopping malls, theme parks and tourist attractions and are suitable for people of all ages to take. The track train can only operate above the rails that go with them. The track can be either a straight line of a circle. The operation track of the mini train can be either on a horizontal or upward or downward. The interesting designs and cartoon appearances always attract many children’s attention.

3.Small amusement park rides, such as mini Ferris wheel, mini pendulum ride, mini pirate ship ride, small swing ride and etc… These rides can be of large sizes, but the large ones are very thrilling that are suitable for adults, not for children. Children are also often drawn to the most classic rides in amusement parks. In order to allow children to play with these projects, we specially manufactured some thrill rides with small sizes which is less thrilling with lower height and running speed.

4.Coin-operated kiddie rides. The coin-operated amusement ride is self-service large game machines that includes many types of fun video games. They are available in shopping malls, supermarkets, kids entertainment center or in front of some small shops which allows people to play while walking around the mall. Players can choose the game they want to play based on their preference and put in required coins, then they can start to have fun.

Kiddie rides are generally a kind of amusement rides that are designed and manufactured based on the children’s nature and preference. They are usually very interesting and have beautiful appearances which can be more attractive to children. Besides, the use of children’s favorite cartoons or animal models is one of the highlights of children’s rides. This kind of rides are suitable for kids as well as those adults who like amusement parks but are afraid of thrill rides. So your for-profit amusement parks, theme parks, kids entertainment centers, fairgrounds, malls, must be equipped with some kids rides. As a professional and top manufacturer of amusement rides in China, Beston can supplies various cheap and high quality kiddie rides for sale. If you also want to find some other types of amusement rides, such as thrill rides, family rides, spinning rides, carnival rides, fairground rides, Beston can meet your various needs for amusement equipment. Even we can accept your customization according to your requirements. So don’t hesitate to pick up the rides you want here.

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Features of Children’s Amusement Park Rides

1. Less thrilling. Because the children are young, their physical and psychological endurance is weak. First, some parts of their bodies are not fully developed and more vulnerable, the most thrilling amusement park rides with high speed and large flips are not good for their physical development. Second, the spirit of kids can bear too stimulating experience. So when we are designing amusement rides for children, we always make them less thrilling, such as, the speed is much lower, the size is smaller, the movement is gentle.

2. Much safer. All our amusement rides are in compliance with safety standards. On this basis, our inspection department will conduct more stringent safety supervision for kiddie rides. First, high quality fiberglass and steel make the ride stronger and more durable. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free spray paint and pigments make them harmless to children’s bodies. Second, protective measures are strengthened, such as install fences of glass walls around the gondolas. Third, smaller size and lower speed increase their safety factor. Finally, more stringent checks before shipping to customers.

3. Some are great for families. Amusement parks are good places for both children and adults. Some younger children can’t take the ride alone, they needs their parents’ company. Or some parents want to spend more time with their kids their free time to do something interesting and give them some memorable experiences. So we manufactured some amusement rides for families of different ages to have fun together.

4. Bright color and attractive shapes. The fairgrounds are colorful and cheerful places with a range of interesting rides. What kind of rides are more popular? First, they must have nice looks so that tourists can be attracted to them at the first sight, especially for children. Second, they must be playful and screaming so that passengers will not be willing to leave.

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